Sweet Nectevia Garlic Chicken

Sweet Nectevia Garlic Chicken

Hi Friends! Let’s be honest we’re always looking for a new “skinny” recipe, right? Well, you’re in luck because this Sweet Nectevia Garlic Chicken is easy breezy and doesn’t skip a beat in flavor town and you can feel good about eating it! You get that juicy dark meat from the thigh with a nice char on the skin matched up with this sweet (no sugar added) finger licking good sauce which makes my mouth water as I type, and its done with only 7 ingredients, WHOA! 

I recently discovered Steviva products and man has it changed my life. I don’t feel guilty cooking and baking with the Steviva products like I do when I add all sorts of sugar to my recipes. If your’e like myself and always looking to cut sugar and calories out your diet then look no further. I’ve answered your non-sugar dreams!

Sweet Garlic Chicken
Nectevia Sweetened Garlic Chicken
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  1. 1 Package of Chicken Thighs (4-6)
  2. Salt & Pepper to Taste
  3. 3 Cloves of Garlic
  4. 2 tbsp of Nectevia
  5. 1-2 tsp of Sriracha
  6. 1 tbsp Balsamic Reduction
  7. 1 tbsp Ketchup
  8. Cast Iron Skillet
  1. Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees.
  2. Salt & Pepper your Chicken.
  3. Sear chicken skin side down in your cast iron skillet for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Mix your remaining ingredients in a bowl.
  5. You can leave the chicken in the skillet or transfer to a baking dish.
  6. Spoon your sauce mixture over your chicken and bake in oven for 20-25 minutes.
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Salt & pepper your chicken and sear in your cast iron skillet skin side down. Then you can leave in your cast iron skillet or transfer to a baking dish, spoon your sauce mixture on top of the chicken thighs, and bake at 425 degrees for 20-25 minutes. 

And now theres nothing left to do but enjoy! You can serve by itself with crisp green beans or oven a bed of rice. There is really no wrong way to eat and devour this Sweet Garlic Chicken. 


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