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I’m all about a home cooked meal and after a week vacation it was time to get back in my kitchen. I figured after all of my indulging a comfort food meal minus the guilt was in necessary. So, “Turkey Bolognese w/ Zucchini Zoodles” was in order! It’s clean, its […]

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I had a sweet tooth and a craving for Monkey Bread and not just any but my momma’s Caramel Monkey Bread because there “ain’t no monkeying around” hers!   Have you ever heard of it or tried it?  You can make different flavors from sweet to savory and all you do is bake in a […]

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Now, that we are all getting ready for Thanksgiving and our big family feast is right around the corner and the question occurs, “what to do with the leftovers?” I live by a “waste not, want not” motto, which means I don’t like wasting food! So instead of wasting food […]

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I absolutely love this time of year! I guess you could say I’m a huge fan of the holidays because of all the food, friends, family, and fun one gets to have. You get the cool fall weather, flannels, hot chocolate, pumpkin lattes, warm fires, cozy houses, and Thanksgiving! I have a […]