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 Hiii! πŸ™‚  Ok, below I have created a FREE Step-By-Step simple guide to walk you through setting up your own blog from purchasing your domain name and setting up your WordPress site with bluehost hosting company. So scroll down and take a look at how to do it and get started today! 


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How to blog. I’m guessing your here reading this because you want to start your own blog, right? You have seen other peoples blogs and your curious how they got started? The questions started rolling around in your head like … how did they decide where and what to blog about? Where did they buy the name of their blog? What is a domain name? What is a platform? What is hosting? Isn’t that something you do when you have a dinner party. HELP!

I’m here to help you!

Right now your probably frustrated saying to yourself I have NO CLUE where to begin or how to start and more importantly I don’t know who to ask. You’ve probably read a few online forums and are more confused now then when your blog idea was born because of all of the “blogging lingo” and “internet terms” that exist. It’s probably making you feel a bit intimidated and all starting to sound like a foreign language?

Well FEAR NOT  because I got you!

I was once in your shoes and completely bogged down in fear when it came to learning to navigate the internet and how to begin a blog. As a matter of fact if you knew how much experience I had before I started blogging you would laugh and say well if she can do it, then I certainly can do it! I knew how to check emails, social media, and shop. Yep, that was it. I depended on to try and define some of the terms I was reading and it still didn’t explain anything to me. 

So here is your “HOW TO START A BLOG GUIDE IN 15 MINUTES.” And wether you want to start a food blog like myself or if your interested in starting a blog about what your passionate about like fashion, beauty, cars, politics, religion, traveling, or any other topic under the sun the below “how to” guide will work the same for you. And why start tomorrow when you can start your blog today! (I feel like I sound like a cheesy infomercial) But seriously? You can be up and running in the next 15 minutes and sharing your opinions, thoughts, photos, and whatever your heart desires with the world. 


How to Start a Food Blog 

(Here is the cliff note version where I give you the cheat sheet to starting your own blog without the headache that endured when I started mine) AND whats better then a cheat sheet)


1-Domain Name and Hosting 
2-Installing WordPress
3-Give Your Blog Personality and Style

1) DOMAIN NAME AND HOSTING –  This is simply choosing the name of your blog which is referred to as a domain name (see its not all that intimidating). A domain name is the name of your blog. Backward and forwards it still means the same thing. πŸ™‚ 

So, what do you want your domain name to be, the name of your blog?

Mine is You may already have the perfect name chosen and you don’t need to brainstorm. Otherwise, brainstorm as many different ideas as possible. Once you have thought of some possibilities for the name of your blog then head on over to Bluehost (you can click on the bluehost links to get started at any point).

How To BlogBluehost is your hosting company (again see its all making sense). Your hosting company is your backend support for your blog and your domain name. Everyone has to have a hosting company for their domain name. Its like renting space on the web to hold your blog (like an apartment holds your belongings). Once you have chosen your name, go to Bluehost  and see if your domain name is available by entering it in the box that looks like this:

3-Domain Registration copy

Bluehost has great rates and gives you your domain name for free if you decide to host your blog with them. You choose a package for 12, 24, or 36 months at a low rate of $3.95 a month. Yep, its that inexpensive to get yourself in action and blogging today. 

Here is a screenshot that you use for package information settings. Just choose the package that makes the most sense for you.

5-Choose Plan copy

You will see the Domain Whois Privacy – this simply keeps your personal information like your address and phone number from being displayed to the public. 

2) INSTALLING WORDPRESS – this is your blogging software. This is what you install on the back end and where you choose your theme (which is the layout & look of your blog), your plug-ins (plug-ins are back end tools to help with the functionality of your blog), and other features. Don’t start sweating now this part is super easy to use and install.

Here is how you install WordPress – Login to Bluehost and scroll down to the Software/Services section of the first page and then click on instal WordPress logo.

7-cPanel copy 2



On the next page click the option to Install a brand new version.


Here is what your installation preferences:



Click complete. If you get the warning below overwrite waring, please confirm then just click Overwrite Existing Files.



Once you get the Installation Complete make sure you make a note and write down in a safe place with all your login credentials like your Login URL, Username, and Password.  You can change all of your login information to something more personal later, but for the time being you will need them for your first time logging in.



Now, you are at your WordPress login screen so type your Login URL and saved information from above. 

wordpress-login copy official




Yay! Pat yourself on the back because you officially now have your own blog! Welcome, fellow blogger! πŸ™‚

You’re minutes away from sharing your thoughts, pictures, recipes, ideas, etc…with friends, family, and complete strangers across the globe. Pretty cool, huh? You have the ability to reach out and talk to people globally. Did you ever think you would be doing that?

Time to pick your theme! WordPress has tons of free themes to choose from or you can pay for a theme.  Just find a theme that works best for you and the layout that you feel will be most fitting for your blog and topic. Also, make sure you choose one that is mobile and iPad compatible. You don’t want a theme that isn’t seeing how we live in a world that operates mobile more then on a laptop. Then click theme to be installed and your off to the races (I went with the Foodica Theme ). Once installed there is nothing left to do but to start posting.

And thats it! Let me know if you have any questions.





****If you want a hands free approach you can also hire my services to do your complete set up for $200. I have 3 successful websites that I built and currently run on my own at the moment. And I have 6 years experience with Blogging, Monetizing your Blog, WordPress, Plug-ins for functionality, widgets, and more! Email me if you would like the full set up or some different pricing for a la carte services. I’m happy to help!

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  1. Thank you so much for this! You broke down what I thought would be such a difficult process! Thanks to your guidance I now have a working blog that I can proudly say I built myself!! I’m so grateful!

  2. I stumbled across your blog your step by step process helped me a lot!! It was super easy to execute. Thanks for the tip on the contact form it is already working!

  3. Thank u so much for your step by step guide to getting my blog up and running! It was super easy! Now I can take control over my own webpage ;)) πŸ‘πŸ»

  4. Tamara is the BEST!!! So helpful, available and knowledgeable!!! She is an amazing resource!!!

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