One Dish Crustless Quiche Recipe

One Dish Crustless Quiche Recipe

Hi Friends! It’s taken me a long time to share this “Crustless Quiche” recipe, sowwy! It’s here now though making its debut and it doesn’t disappoint.  And when your in a hurry or don’t won’t the fuss of doing all the dishes this quiche is super easy to make and its safe for the waist line. And the best part about Crustless Quiche is, there is no measuring involved. Whaaat? No measuring? Nope, go nuts put whatever you want in your ramekin and top with liquid egg whites and bake (its fool proof). I kept mine simple this go round and just used peppers, onions, and sausage. Oh, and cheese ….cheese please! It twas FANTASTIC! 🙂


Crustless Quiche
Baked Crustless Quiche
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  1. Chicken Sausage in Casing
  2. Carton of Egg Whites
  3. Red Bell Pepper Diced
  4. Green Bell Pepper Diced
  5. Onion Diced
  6. Cheddar Cheese
  7. Salt & Pepper
  1. Pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Ok, the reason I say no measuring is because this depends on what size dish your using to make your crustless quiche. I made mine in a deep round ramekin but it can be made in small ramekins, pie dish, or muffin tin.
  3. Squeeze sausage from casing and sauté in pan until cooked. Drain any excess grease.
  4. Dice your veggies.
  5. Then fill your ramekin or ramekins, muffin pan, etc .. with divided up veggies, sausage, cheese, then fill right beneath rim with liquid egg whites.
  6. Bake for 40-50 minutes. You should be able to stick a toothpick in and it will come out clean.
  1. Depending on depth of dish your cooking your quiche in, this will effect your cook time.
  2. PLEASE EAT RESPONSIBLY 🙂 - recipes are meant to be copied, altered, substituted or tweaked to your tasting and liking, so f you don't like an ingredient or allergic to an ingredient then omit it and/or add a different ingredient.
  3. - If your concerned with the chemicals, toxins, dyes, pesticides, GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, rBGH, rBST, and all of the other scary ingredients out there please focus on buying organic meats, produce, and products from your local grocery store or support your local farmers and purchase from farmers markets.
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