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Are you a meatloaf lover? Because Healthy Skinnylicious Turkey Meatloaf is what’s on the menu! It’s quick and easy which is what I happen to love the most about it and its delicious!  I got carried away and sort of emptied the contents of my refrigerator into the bowl but it turned […]

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I’ve got hungry eyes one look at you and I can’t deny! Sorry, I just went Dirty Dancing. 🙂 I’m like a jukebox somedays these songs just randomly pop in my head at the oddest of times. Anyways, I reckon I’m gonna eat me some Healthy Broccoli Tater Tots today. […]

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Everyone has been to a fast food style restaurant that offers different types of protein bowls with fish, steak, or chicken and rice. And these establishments certainly beat drive-thru food when you have to eat on the go and on the fly. I would say with certainty its probably the healthier […]

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I get cravings all the time (no I’m not pregnant) I just have a love affair with food. And when I get in these moods I become fixated on my craving and nothing else will do. Seriously, nothing! And I was craving a steak and Italian food all at the […]

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 If you don’t think Blueberry Mascarpone Stuffed French Toast is a good idea for breakfast then we are definitely of a different mind set. I’m kind of obsessed with french toast and stuffed french toast is just on a whole other level. And it just happened to be my Valentines Day breakfast […]

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You know what G.R.I.T.S. stands for? Girls raised in the South! And I was born and raised in the South. I grew up eating grits. One of my favorite Southern meals still today is cheese grits, coleslaw, hush puppies, & fried catfish. I know. I told you I was a Southern […]

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It’s like an addiction. Well a Pumpkin cookie problem, I like to call it. I know typically you see an abundance of pumpkin recipes coming at you in the beginning of fall but I’m addicted to eating these year round. Its the sugar addict that lives within me. Hey, admitting […]

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Nothing says loving like hot pizza from the oven! I know this isn’t a new recipe but its one worth sharing, again. This Pull Apart Pizza Bread Recipe has been circulating Facebook for awhile now and I’ve made it at least 10 times since I first noticed it. But every […]

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I can honestly say I’ve never met a person who doesn’t like BBQ or BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches. Or at least I’ve never heard a person from the South speak those words. I’d be like, say what? What planet are you from? Because that would just be so un-Southern of them. I […]