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You are the APPLE of my Pie! It’s FALL y’all and I love this time of year and taking advantage of all the seasonal fruits and foods available at the market. The apples were looking extra delicious the other day so I made “Healthy Stuffed Apples w/ Pecan Crunch Topping” […]

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I’ve become a real fan of Steviva products. I’m able to skip all the added sugar and use this low calorie, low carb, low glycemic, gluten free, all natural sugar substitute to sweeten my desserts and cure my sweet tooth without all the guilt. I use to eat apple pie […]

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All hail the skinniest little treat you can eat! Oh my goodness my sweet tooth is like none other and I feel like I found a little slice of Heaven when I discovered these 4 Ingredient Protein Brownies! You conquer your sweet tooth fix without all the guilt and after […]

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Hi Friends! Let’s be honest we’re always looking for a new “skinny” recipe, right? Well, you’re in luck because this Sweet Nectevia Garlic Chicken is easy breezy and doesn’t skip a beat in flavor town and you can feel good about eating it! You get that juicy dark meat from […]

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WOW! Pizza Grilled Cheese W/ French Bread is out of this world delicious! I might even prefer it over pizza. Yes, I just said that out loud. Now, I know grilled cheese isn’t rocket science but this recipe was worth sharing. You see the key to a good grilled cheese is […]

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Are you a meatloaf lover? Because Healthy Skinnylicious Turkey Meatloaf is what’s on the menu! It’s quick and easy which is what I happen to love the most about it and its delicious!  I got carried away and sort of emptied the contents of my refrigerator into the bowl but it turned […]

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I’ve got hungry eyes one look at you and I can’t deny! Sorry, I just went Dirty Dancing. 🙂 I’m like a jukebox somedays these songs just randomly pop in my head at the oddest of times. Anyways, I reckon I’m gonna eat me some Healthy Broccoli Tater Tots today. […]

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Everyone has been to a fast food style restaurant that offers different types of protein bowls with fish, steak, or chicken and rice. And these establishments certainly beat drive-thru food when you have to eat on the go and on the fly. I would say with certainty its probably the healthier […]